A whizzinator refers to a product that is used in the simulation of a man's urination process. The inventors figured that the whizzinator would be a better and safer alternative to the actual urination during intercourse.It was invented for the purpose of recreation. When an individual purchases a whizzinator,they also get various devices which come with it. These products include a manual which contains the instructions on how to use the whizzinator correctly,heat packs that are very useful in keeping the fake urine at room temperature,a fake male organ which comes in different colours,fake urine which actually resembles real urine in terms of smell and chemical composition and a syringe which is used to dispense the fake urine into a small container. For more info on Whizzinator, click here to read more. The manual is a very important addition to the whizzinator because most people would not know how to put the whole whizzinator system together.
A manual must be present to help with the process. The fact that the fake male organ is offered in a variety of colours means that it can be used by anyone. Black people can use it as well as white people.Different tones are offered which means that Asians can also use them as it matches their skin tone.These products are sold as a full package. One cannot be sold without the other because then it would not be complete.In addition to this,the whole system might not work if one of the products is missing.They are not independent. They rely on each other in order to work at optimum level.When the whizzinator was still new,it received a lot of news coverage. Everyone seemed to be talking about it.The media was not left behind.The media offered different insights into this new product that everyone was talking about.This created a lot of publicity for the whizzinator.Publicity by the media meant that free advertising was being carried out.Many people got to know of this new product. To read more about Whizzinator, visit the real Whizzinator XXX. Most people wanted to try it.The inventors came out and said that the whizzinator was intended for recreational purposes.It was meant for fun.Various questions about its use were raised.Different opinions from different people were aired.
Various views were given.Perspectives on the use of the whizzinator were given. The product was publicized. Many people around the world bought it. Sales shot up. The whizzinator had now become a global phenomenon.It is even used by athletes to pass drug tests because the fake urine that is found in a whizzinator is free of drug particles. Currently,a new model of the whizzinator is being offered. The inventors wanted to rid the whizzinator off accidental spills. Therefore,they invented a switch which they placed at the bottom of the whizzinator. They also added a pressure valve at the tip. This ensures that an individual has to squeeze the tip for urine to come out.It makes the process of urinating using a whizzinator seem natural and realistic. Learn more from